By Ximena Lune

ThirdEyeStyle was born in NYC and travels around documenting style, nature's beauty, music, and my love for holistic living and photography

Lace and the city

Love, love love this look, high waisted shorts have been my obsession for quite a while now. I usually get second hand pants and cut them into shorts because it is what works for me the best, since you can make them the length/size you want. These were some corduroy pants I got at the salvation army for about 4 bucks!! yeah super affordable. I decided to pair them with this cute sweater and this hat that is also second hand from savers only 2 bucks these finds were unreal.

I have to run to class but I hope everyone is enjoying the perfect weather this week!

Sweater- Jennifer Lopez

Shorts- Second hand

Hat- Second hand

Shoes- Dolce Vita

Cross Earrings-Top shop

90s kid

Third Eye