By Ximena Lune

ThirdEyeStyle was born in NYC and travels around documenting style, nature's beauty, music, and my love for holistic living and photography

Red Velvet Chain

As you may have noticed I love black and gold with a touch of red, or burgundy, I don't know why but  I love the contrast of that color palette against my hair. Velvet is also one of my favorites fabrics so I wear it a lot. Here I decided to pair these awesome leggings with my favorite red velvet shirt to add some texture and vibrance to the outfit.

I hope you guys aren't getting tired of these shoes because I plan to wear them a lot!! I am not that kind of person that can't wear the same thing over and over lol, when I obsessed over something I wear it a lot in different ways..I try to expand my style all the time wearing new things but always adding something that represents will see!!

It is finally friday and I can't wait to relax, sleep in, and have some fun this weekend.

 Hope you all do the same and enjoy the amazing weather for the next two days. 

Velvet shirt-Vintage

Leggings-Forever 21



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