By Ximena Lune

ThirdEyeStyle was born in NYC and travels around documenting style, nature's beauty, music, and my love for holistic living and photography

Sun on my skin, Moon on my mind

Here I am wearing my favorite vintage jacket ever. I have always been really into the sun and moon sign because it represents unity in diversity, compromise instead of conflict, putting two oposites in one and finding balance. Anyway, I spotted this jacket the second I walked into the thrift store from far away it was love at first sight. it was also brand new and only about 5 bucks, nothing can beat that!

The same was with these Dr Martens, they were brand new, my size and came to me magically on the isles of a thrift store here in brooklyn. I love vintage clothes as you may have noticed so be ready for lots of vintage and retro inspired outfits with a touch of my craziness and cosmic obsession.



Cropped top- H&m

Pants-American Apparel

Shoes- Dr Marten

Neon Aliens

90s kid