By Ximena Lune

ThirdEyeStyle was born in NYC and travels around documenting style, nature's beauty, music, and my love for holistic living and photography

Elephants on parade

Love this shirt it brightens up my outfits and its super soft and comfy, It even looks good with a pair of leggings by itself. I wear a lot of shirts like this one on top of dresses or shorts in the summer if its not too hot of course, it makes it so much more comfortable to walk around and go on the subway, etc. I completely forgot about this necklace!! I've had it since high school but elephants are my favorite animal so I would never get rid of it, it looked so cute paired with this shirt and the white cropped top. Anyway this is a short post because I have to study for a midterm, yes I know everyone is on finals but my school is different than most here in NYC and I only have a little 3 week break in the middle of the summer, but don't worry because this blog will still be updated regularly.

Hope everyone is having a nice week and enjoying the sun, XOX

Shirt-Second hand
Cropped top - Boohoo
Shorts-Second hand
Booties- Dolce Vita

Maxis and Beanies