By Ximena Lune

ThirdEyeStyle was born in NYC and travels around documenting style, nature's beauty, music, and my love for holistic living and photography

Maxis and Beanies

I have never really been into maxi skirts but I fell in love with this one, is actually my roommate's. It's so soft and comfy and with a perfect slit in the middle because its kind off like wrapped. After experiencing how soft and comfortable maxi skirts can be on not so cold, not so hot days I think I will be purchasing some very soon. I can already think of many cute outfits for the summer with them! 
This is the longest post I have ever posted, I had so much fun at the shoot and it was such a beautiful day.The sun makes me so happy and gives us a little more time to shoot without freezing.
I finally got an I am vibes white beanie, I had been wanting it since forever, I am absolutely obsessed with it and with all of I am vibes stuff. Anyway I have a very busy school week but I have had a lot of inspiration lately you will see!!

Have a wonderful week everyone xoxo

Cropped top- H&M

Biker Jacket- H&M

Boots- Dolce Vita

Beanie- I am Vibes

Ain't no wifey

Elephants on parade