By Ximena Lune

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Ain't no wifey

 As you may know I live in Brooklyn, and I can not explain how much I love it here, everywhere you go there is street art. We shot this look right by my apartment actually, we had so much fun and I love the contrast of the dark outfit against the bright walls. I love this beanie I got it a few months back and I lost for a little while but I just found it the other night buried in my closet. The dress I got it as a present and it has no tag so I have no idea where is it from but I have been trying to find out lately because it's absolutely perfect, comfy and so easy to pair with anything.

This is quick friday post because I have to run to do some errands before work.  

Have an amazing weekend and enjoy the beautiful sun  xoxo

Beanie- Dime piece

Jacket- h&m

Shoes- Ebay

Velvet Ballerina

Maxis and Beanies