By Ximena Lune

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David bowie


Ahh I finally did this I love David Bowie!!! haha it was very last minute since I always procrastinate with my costume, but I had so much putting it together. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, we actually shot this super late and since I liked a couple pictures I decided to share it with you guys. I was actually wearing glittery tights under  the red pants but the pictures don't do justice. I bought a wig and dyed it with one of those spray dyes lol. I was annabelle on friday nigh, wish I took some good pictures of that..hope your halloween was fun and spoooky xx

Finalmente me disfrace de David Bowie!!! jaja fue a ultimo momento porque siempre hago mis disfraces a ultima hora,  pero me divertí mucho armando este outfit. Disculpa por la calidad de las fotos, las tomamos muy tarde. En realidad tenia panties brillosas abajo del pantalón pero no se puede ver muy bien. Compre esta peluca y la pinte con uno de esos sprays con tinte jaja. La noche anterior fui Annabelle, ojalá hubiese tomado fotos...espero que tu halloween haya sido divertido besos!!

Jacket-Forever 21
Shoes-2020 Ave

Sunshine down on my soul

Just like a dream