By Ximena Lune

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Garden of evil


One of the last sunny days we had...I spent it at smorgasburg(flea and food market in Brooklyn) eating delicious food and buying old records if you're in the area you must go, they had it outdoors until the end of november but now is indoors, the food and shops are still as great though! 
I love being able to layer in the winter but nothing as comfy as throwing a skirt and a blouse, a cool pair of sunnies and walking out. These radical handmade RVS BY V sunnies from Monocle order match all my earthy color outfits hehe check out their site they have such unique styles!!  
I loved pairing mine with this  skirt and the socks (which btw aren't as bright as they look on the pictures).
Hope the beginning of your week is filled with light and love.   



Blouse- Forever 21
Socks- Topshop
Shoes-  Zara
Sunnies-RVS  BY V get them at Monocle Order




I'll tell you my sins

blue glue