By Ximena Lune

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Electric Forest Diary


I've been lucky enough to attend several festivals in the past few years, but nothing comes close to the feel of the Forest. It ties together freedom of expression-in sense that not everyone is wearing neon colors and a flower crown. You walk around and see the coolest outfits and most thoughtful accessories to go with them, is all about standing out and not blending in. People wear what they want or if they don't want to wear anything thats cool too, in the forest we accept you as you are.  
Amazing art-The magical forest(the festival is huge the forest is only a section of it) is covered with the most amazing art installations everywhere!!! some of them you can even play with!! My favorite was one that looked like it was scanning your face in a booth so weird haha, and then the magical spaceship which was a tent with gongs in a circle and you would sit in the middle and close your eyes while they played the most magical sounds that would take you to literally outer space!! but there isn't only art in the forest there is also hammocks everywhere, 2 stages, and performances everywhere!! But it doesn't end there, the most magical time begins at sunset, the sunlight slowly fading from the trees replaced by lasers and colorful lights all around. The art you saw during the day takes a new life with the night glow. The energy in the forest turns from a gentle soft calm to  a wild and eccentric energy, the creatures come out making you want to dance all night!! and the best part is that the forest never ends!! even after the shows are done around 3am the forest comes even more alive music playing everywhere, weird instruments and bands come out to play!!
The lineup- The 4 day festival has lots of jam bands, indie bands, house djs and a lot more aka happiness to all types of ears!! which is another reason why so many people come together. A bunch of different souls accepting each other no matter what you like no one judges, instead they high five or hug you!! Another awesome thing about the line up being so broad is that you leave knowing so many new artist because you can't possibly have a schedule, rather you go with flow and let things happen not only because its hugee  but because you meet people, experience new things, and you get lost and getting lost its probably the best thing ever there!!   

Community-seriously, I have never been to a festival where everything was about giving, receiving, loving your neighbors the second you meet them, and never feeling lonely. I met a couple people that had gone to the festival alone!! and they were the happiest people, they said it was so magical because they left with hundreds of new friends!! In fact, I remember someone telling me “it’s funny, you can hardly tell who are friends and who are strangers here". 
Whether it was by yelling Caaaarl??!! or giving a hugeee hug to a random stranger, one of the most important lessons learned in the forest is that we are all together. The connection we found in the forest is never going to be forgotten. No other place makes me feel more loved. Society teaches us not to trust our fellow human and that screwing someone else over is the only way to get ahead, but this is not the truth. If you went, the next time you’re feeling alone, try to think about all the amazing encounters you experienced (or even witnessed) between strangers and friends there. 
Even just a shared look and a smile from across the room, can ignite the spark. Human connection is the nourishment for the soul, and we can always stay satiated if we keep our heart open to let others in. If the whole world treated each other as we did in the forest the world would be at peace<3

Stay tune for more pictures from days 2, 3 and 4 from my film and polaroid cameras hehe  

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